We can develop a site to suit your needs while giving you the abilty to manage content.

Easy Content Management System

Our software was designed with ease of use as the foremost requirement. Features were then added and will continue to be added to this foundation. We believe there is a core set of functionallity that makes a good CMS tool usable. Too many bloated features will just lead to design paralysis. Updating a website should not be a chore.

Easy to use Photo Gallery

Our photo gallery software makes uploading pictures a breeze. Today’s cameras take very high resolution pictures which results in large image file sizes. Uploading these large images to a website can test your patience and the patience of those wanting to view the images. Of course you can resize the images before uploading. With our image uploader, your images are resized automatically before uploading. You have a faster response time and disk space requirements are reduced. And your originals remain untouched.

Audio File Uploads

If you need audio files accessible from your website, sermons and such, we can help you with that, too. We will provide space on our servers for you to upload your files. However, to make the process of uploading as easy as possible and to make the vistor’s listening experience enjoyable, we have some guidelines for managing your audio files. Audio files that are speech-based please note the following:

  • A bit-rate of 24kbps is sufficent for voice audio and keeps the file size small.
  • Use FileZilla FTP or other FTP program to upload audio files. FileZilla can be downloaded from: filezilla-project.org
  • You will be provided with an FTP account and instructions to upload audio files.

Event / Calendar Mangement

viaFAITH offers two options for you to manage your calendar online. The ‘event’ method is a great way to create a list of specific events with images, information, and associated documents to those major events. Additionally, our content management tool will integrate with Google calendars. This free utility can be a benefit if you would like to manage many events throughout the month.

Newsletter Signup Management

Our content management system will allow you to integrate seamlessly with Constant Contact or Vertical Response. These tools are excellent at creating and disseminating emails. Your web site will be the location that all members enroll from, and the information is passed to these systems for ongoing maintenance.

Email Hosting

Email services are of paramount importance for any organization. We can offer affordable and extremely reliable email hosting services though RackSpace. Many large and small companies utilize their services for email hosting. Although we offer email hosting, we believe this is your best and most cost effective option. We will be glad to demonstrate their product to you and assist in getting your email accounts set up. RackSpace offers web mail, Outlook integration, and mobile device compatibility. You can find out more at Rackspace.